Nepalese Army
Military Museum

The Nepalese Army has a long history even though it was established by King Drabya Shah in 1559 (1616 BS) later modernized and reorganized to the Nepalese Army in 1743 AD (1800 BS) by Prithvi Narayan Shah. In the course of its service to the nation and people, the Nepalese Army"s nomenclature has also been changed time to time such as Tilangas, the Gorkhas, Gorkha Army, Nepalese Army, Royal Nepalese Army and Nepalese Army again. The army has contributed and played an admirable role in every walk of Nepalese life. The Nepalese Army has maintained its respect and honor as a loyal, dedicated and disciplined institution of the state.

The Nepalese Army laid the foundation stone of the Army Museum building on 28 December 2000 (13th Paush 2057 BS) and the Museum was officially inaugurated on 11 July 2005 (27th Ashad, 2062 BS) by adopting establishment of military memorial, military museum and statue of great veterans in foreign country. For Public, it opened on 4th October, 2007 (17th Asoj, 2064 BS) only. Initially, there was a free entry in the first eight months but later on 7th May 2007(25th Baishak, 2065) administration started collecting entry-fee from the visitors. The museum is still in its infancy and development and the Nepalese Army is constantly working to expand the museum and its historical artifacts. The exhibition is only limited in the ground floor and will expand in the first floor in near future.

Museum is a collection and display of history. Since it is never ending process, a team work is mandatory for its development, expansion and conservation. The museum stands as a public research center which is believed to address the requirements of researchers, scholars and students.

The museum has a wide array of collection. It incorporates useful artifacts, documents and materials illustrating the most authentic and glorious history of the Nepalese Army. The objects illuminate the sacrifice, dedication and devotion to the nation.